~ Condition / Packing Information ~


Please click here to familiarize yourself with magazine-grading terminology.

Any and all magazines or books must meet a minimum grade of "GOOD": they must be complete - all covers, pages, centerfolds, inserts, bonuses, coupons, etc. must be intact. Tape repairs, warping or water damage, mildew, badly split spines or damaged covers are totally unacceptable. ITEMS RECEIVED WITH THESE DEFECTS WILL BE VALUED AT $0.00 OR RETURNED AT YOUR EXPENSE.


I reimburse shipping cost (regular UPS Ground Service or USPS book rate only). Please contact me for authorization before shipping as I will not accept any unauthorized parcels and they will be returned to you unopened.

If you will be shipping magazines to me, please take care to pack the books to prevent transit damage and disappointment for both of us. I cannot pay for books that have been damaged in shipping. Use a sturdy box - liquor crates or copy-paper boxes work the best (size-wise) and are easily available. Fill the box as completely as possible, and stuff any extra space with either sheets of cardboard or newspapers. Seal with plenty of reinforced tape.


I will inspect your collectibles as soon as humanly possible after receipt, and will contact you to confirm payment has been sent or if there is a problem. You will be paid in full by mailed check for the amount that we discuss and agree upon once I've inspected your items. Do provide an email address where you may be contacted quickly, but please do not load up my email box with inquiries that will only slow me down!




Page updated April 20, 2001