V.I.P. Magazine was the official newsletter of the PLAYBOY Clubs and was sent to Club "key holders" through the mail, or copies could be picked up at any PLAYBOY Club. Due to the nature of the publication (a newsletter to be read!) and the methods of distribution, most copies show some signs of wear. Prices listed are for copies in average condition (VG to FINE). Each issue is jammed full of pictures of the Clubs and Bunnies as well as celebrity visitors and extensive coverage of the featured entertainers. These magazines also contain a wealth of ads for numerous PLAYBOY products and are excellent for reference.

There were five issues of V.I.P. published in 1964 (FEB, APR, JUL, SEP, and Dec.), and three in 1965 (MAR, JUL, HOLIDAY). After that, a quarterly schedule (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER) was established and continued from 1966 until publication ceased with VOL.47, Fall 1975. For some unexplained reason, after a lapse of nearly seven years, another issue was published in the summer of 1982. This is the nearly mythical "V.48". Since there is no evidence that this issue was ever mailed to Club key holders, the only way to have obtained a copy was in person at one of the Clubs.

Beginning with V.25 and continuing through V.47, each issue contained three coupons which could be detached and redeemed at a Club for the then-current issue of PLAYBOY Magazine, or in later years OUI Magazine as well. Needless to say, this was an extremely popular bonus, and a huge percentage of the copies still in existence are missing one or more of these coupons. Although the page containing the coupons was not included in the actual page count of the issue, most collectors find them highly desirable. Prices shown are for copies with ALL coupons intact.

V.1 [$100.00]
V.2 through V.5 [Each @ $60.00]
V.6, V.7, V.8 [Each @ $50.00]
V.9 through V.18 [Each @ $40.00]
V.19 through V.24 [Each @ $25.00]
V.25 [$50.00]
V.26 through V.30 [Each @ $20.00]
V.31 [$50.00]
V.32 through V.47 [Each @ $10.00]

* * * * *


V.1.1 (09/05/61) [FINE @ $50.00] [VG+ @ $30.00]
V.1.2 (09/19/61) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.1.3 (10/03/61) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.1.4 (10/17/61) [FINE @ $40.00] [VG+ @ $25.00]
V.1.5 (10/31/61) [VG+ @ 25.00]
V.1.6 (11/14/61) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.1.7 (11/28/61) [VG+ @ $30.00]
V.1.8 (01/02/62) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.2.1 (01/23/62) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.10 (02/62) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.11 (03/62) [UNAVAILABLE]
V.12 (04/62) [UNAVAILABLE]

* * * * *


This four-volume series published from 1963 to 1965 reprints all twenty-two (22) chapters as they originally appeared in PLAYBOY magazines from DEC 1962 to MAY 1965. Each volume is approximately 48 pages with heavy stock covers, and each volume cover is a different color.

Variation "A" - 1st Printing, © 5/63 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo without the "®" symbol - nothing else. Pages are not numbered.
[F+,VF @ $50.00]

Variation "B" - 2nd Printing, © 1962, 1963 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part I", and "Installments 1 - 7". Pages are not numbered.
[FINE @ $35.00]
[VG+ @ $25.00]
[GOOD @ $10.00]

Variation "C" - 3rd Printing, © 1962, 1963 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part I", and "Installments 1 - 7". Pages are numbered 1 through 47.

Variation "A" - 1st Printing, © 12/63 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo without the "®" symbol - nothing else. Pages are not numbered.
[VG+ @ $25.00]

Variation "B" - 2nd Printing, © 1963 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part II", and "Installments 8 - 12". Pages are not numbered.
[FINE @ $35.00]

Variation "C" - 3rd Printing, © 1962, 1963 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part II", and "Installments 8 -12". Pages are numbered 49 through 98.
[F,VF @ $35.00]
[VG+ @ $25.00]

Variation "B" - 2nd Printing, © 1963, 1964 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part III", and "Installments 13 - 18". Pages are not numbered.
[F,VF @ $35.00]
[VG+ @ $25.00]
Variation "C" - 3rd Printing, © 1963, 1964 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part III", and "Installments 13 - 18". Pages are numbered.
[F,VF @ $35.00]

Variation "C" - 3rd Printing, © 1964, 1965 HMH Pub. Co., Inc. FC says "THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY" and has the Rabbit Head logo with the "®" symbol and two additional lines: "Part IV", and "Installments 19 - 22". Pages are numbered 159 through 194 plus index.
[F,VF @ $35.00]

* * * * *


Annual Supplements. Softcover, stapled spine. Says "The Playboy Index" on FC and has rabbit head logo.
Complete index to the year in question. These were collected & collated and published as hardcover books every 5 years.
As you might expect from an index these have been slightly used but are in nice shape - basically about VG+

Volume 17 - 76 pages [$15.00]

Volume 19 - 85 pages [$15.00]

Volume 23 - 43 pages [$10.00]

Volume 26 - 53 pages [$10.00]

Volume 27 - 50 pages [$10.00]

* * * * *


These are 9" x 11", squarebound w/ glued spines and heavy stock covers. Unlike the annual reports from most companies that are nothiing but typwritten pages stapled together these contain loads of graphics and color - very classy, as you would expect from Playboy. When these were mailed to stockholders also included was a separate booklet - the 'Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders'. Unless noted otherwise you will receive both pieces.
All are basically new but since they were sent thru the mail an occasional stress or tiny corner bump is not out of the question. Photos shown are representative samples and are used for illustrative purposes.

1994 - Front Cover is the same multi-colored rabbit head that appeared on the January 1994 issue of Playboy magazine. 42 pgs.
Still in original mailing envelope. [15.00] (View it!)
Annual report only without 'Notice of Annual Meeting'. [10.00]

1995 - Front Cover is a multi-colored, computer generated Rabbit head by Kai Krause. 48 pgs.
Still in original mailing envelope. [15.00] (View it!)

1996 - Front Cover is black w/ a silhouette of the iconic rabbit head in day-glow colors w/ a small hologram as the eyeball. 48 pgs.
Annual Report only without 'Notice of Annual Meeting'. Some wear. [10.00] (View it!)

1997 - Front Cover is silver w/ a white rabbit head in upper right corner and folds open to a 3 pg graphic 'that incorporates landmarks from many of the almost 200 countries in which Playboy sells products and services, anchored by the vignette that adorns the Company's stock certificate.' 50 pgs.
Annual Report and Notice to Stockholders [15.00] (View it!)

1999 - Front Cover is the same psychedelic design by Peter Max that appeared on the cover of the January 2000 issue of Playboy magazine. 76 pgs - nearly all of the graphics have been elimiated and the Form 10-K has been incorporated into the body of the report.
Annual Report and Notice to Stockholders [15.00] (View it!)

2000 - Bright, shiny silver Cover. 24 pgs - nearly all graphics. This does NOT contain the financial index found in earlier reports but comes w/ a copy of the Company's Form 10-K.
Annual Report only, some scratches on cover. [10.00]
(View it!)

* * * * *

Everything ever published that I know of - this massive collection consists of a complete run from first (pre-PLAYBOY) issue 09-10/77 through last (known) issue of 02-03/87. Some are monthly, some bi-monthly; 84 issues total. In addition, there are the following items:

1.) One complimentary copy from 1982 [VG]
2.) BEST OF GAMES V.1, V.2, V.3
3.) All nine (9) individual books as listed in the PCA CHECKLIST:

4.) 1986 catalog
5.) STAR ATTRACTIONS large size paperback, nearly 400 pages is four separate books combined - three as listed in the PCA CHECKLIST

6.) BIG BOOK OF GAMES (1984) 8.5" x 11.0", 192 pages
7.) Bonus 1000-CLUE CROSSWORD PUZZLE and mini poster in original envelope
8.) GAMES NOTEPAD - 5 x 8, approximately 100 sheets
[HUGE SET OF 102 ITEMS, in overall excellent condition @ $500.00]

* * * * *


V.1.1 (Fall, 1980) Features Ann-Margret Front Cover
[VG++ @ 30.00]
[VG @ 15.00]
[Good @ 10.00]

V.1.2 (Fall/Winter 1981)
[VG @ $15.00]

V.1.3 (Spring/Summer 1982) Features Kim Delaney Front Cover
[FINE @ $20.00]
[VG+ @ 10.00]

V.1.4 (Fall/Winter 1982) Features Playmate Cathy St. George Front Cover
[FINE @ $20.00]
[VG+ @ $15.00]

* * * * *


V.2.1 (Spring/Summer, 1981) Features Susan St. James Front Cover, Cary Grant Int. This is the 2nd in a series of guides - the first was Electronic Entertainment dated Fall, 1980
[VG @ 15.00]
[VG, coupon clipped last page @ 10.00]

V.3.1 (Spring/Summer, 1982) Features Tina Turner Front Cover
[Fine - no address label @ 20.00]
[VG+/Fine with address label on cover @ $10.00]

V.3.2 (Fall/Winter, 1982) Features Raquel Welch Front Cover + Interview
[FINE - no address label @ $20.00]
[VG+/Fine with address label on cover @ 10.00]

V.4.1 (Spring, 1983) Features Christie Brinkley Front Cover, Bill Cosby Interview
[VG++ - no address label @ $20.00]
[VG+/Fine with address label on cover @ $10.00]
[G/VG - no address label @ 10.00]

* * * * *


V.1.1 (05/95) features Playmates from 1989 through 1994
[Not Available]

V.1.2 (11/95) Features Playmates from 1983 through 1988
[VF @ $30.00]
[FINE+ @ $20.00]
[FINE @ $15.00]
[VG+ @ $10.00]

V.1.3 (03/96) Features Playmates from 1977 through 1982
[FINE+ @ $20.00]

V.1.4 (05/96) Features Playmates from 1971 through 1976
[FINE+ @ $20.00]
[FINE @ $15.00]

V.1.5 (08/96) Features Playmates from 1965 through 1970
[FINE @ $15.00]
[FINE+ - 9/65 Playmate Patti Ryenolds has autographed the 2 pg photo on pgs 84-85 @ $25.00

V.1.6 (02/97) Features Playmates from 1953 through 1964, plus 1995 and 1996
[Fine+ @ 40.00]

COMPLETE SET - All 6 volumes in FINE+ to VF condition - these are beauties!!
[Set of 6 @ $150.00]

* * * * *


V.1.1 (1965) - This volume was produced with a laminated cover and virtually all copies suffer some cracking/chipping of the brittle laminate material.
[Extremely nice, FINE @ $75.00] (Click here to view front) (Click here to view back)
[VG+ @ $50.00] (Click here to view front) (Click here to view back)

V.1.2 (1965)
[A few small creases. Writing on white letters on FC, VG @ $50.00] (Click here to view front) (Click here to view back)

* * * * *


GUIDE TO BASEBALL BETTING (1982) by Edwin Silberstang. A 6" wide x 9" tall softcover book, more than 80 pgs.
[Basically a NEW copy - FINE+ @ $15.00] (Click here to view)
[A bit of light residue from a price sticker in upper right corner - FINE @ $10.00] (Click here to view)

JAZZ FESTIVAL SOUVENIR BOOK - 1997 A regular 8 1/2" wide x 11" tall squarebound magazine, 100 pgs.
[NEW copy has very minor stress on upper right corner - FINE+ @ $20.00] (Click here to view)

SECRETS OF SUPER SEX (1995) - A digest size (5 1/2" x 8") magazine, 52 pgs. This says 'Supplement To Playboy' in lower left corner - the same as the 'bonus' flats
that were given away for gift subscriptions. I believe that's what this is but can find no documentation to verify that. Not really sure where these came from.
[FINE @ $20.00] (Click here to view front) (Click here to view back)
[Stain on BC - VG @ $10.00] (Click here to view front) (Click here to view back)

THE ART OF PLAYBOY - FROM THE FIRST 25 YEARS (1978) by Art Paul, the longtime Playboy art director. An unusual 8" wide x 8" tall softcover book, 68 pgs + covers.
[FINE+ @ $25.00] (Click here to view)
[FINE @ $15.00] (Click here to view)

WHAT'S HOPPENING The official newsletter of Playboy Home Video. These are 8 1/2" wide x 11", 4 pg booklets on heavy stock. They are scored horizontally thru the
middle as they were intended to be folded and mailed. All the latest news about Playboy Video with load of photos.
[V.3 (May, 1995) @ $10.00](Click here to view)
[V.4 (June, 1995) @ $10.00](Click here to view)
[V.6 (December, 1995)@ $10.00] (Click here to view)
[V.8 (August, 1996) @ $10.00](Click here to view)

* * * * *


BUNNY - THE REAL STORY OF PLAYBOY (1984, by Russell Miller) Advance copy from publisher with sticker inside FC; photo section [>HARDCOVER>Advance copy, some passages marked, FINE+ & DJ FINE @ $30.00]

HEFNER (by Frank Brady)
1974, 1st Printing [HARDCOVER - FINE+, DJ VG+ @ $35.00]
1974, 2nd Printing [HARDCOVER - NM, DJ VF @ $35.00]
1974, 2nd Printing [HARDCOVER - FINE, DJ VG+ @ $20.00]
Ballantine Paperback Edition 1975 [VG+ @ 10.00]

* * * * *


THE PLAYBOY COLLECTORS GUIDE AND PRICE LIST by J. D. (Jack) Bramble. Published in Canada from the early 70s until 1984.
All of these are packed with useful information and for PLAYBOY collectors they are the equivalent of Overstreet's guide for comic books. All are digest size - 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" tall

2nd Edition (1974) - Cream color cover, 48 pgs w/ stapled spine. Contains pricing information in 3 different grades for all issues thru 1973. Separate sections for 'The Best From Playboy' series, VIP Magazine, OUI Magazine and Show Business Illustrated.
Basically a new copy but some stresses and a small bump at bottom of spine [VG+ @ $50.00] (View it!)

3rd Edition (1976) - Blue cover, 52 pgs w/ stapled spine. Pricing information as in #2 w/ PLAYBOY magazine information extended to 1975 and the addition of pricing for wall calendars thru 1976.
Basically a new copy but has some light browning along spine and a spot on the lower left corner - could be from a drop of water or a defect in the paper itself [VG+ @ $50.00] (View it!)

4th Edition (1980) - White cover, 76 pgs, squarebound w/ glued spine. Pricing information extended thru 1979 plus a new section on Playboy Newsstand Specials or 'Flats' as they are commonly referred to by collectors.
NEW copy w/ very bright, clean white cover. Has a couple of spine stresses from the binding process [FINE+ @ $75.00] (View it!)
Used copy has a bit of light foxing on edges of FC, some soiling on BC and pencil written notes on interior pages [VG @ $35.00] (View it!)

5th Edition (1982) - Blue cover, over 320 pgs - nearly an inch thick, squarebound w/ glued spine. With this edition the scope of the work is greatly expanded.
Now includes detailed information on the contents of each issue thru 1980 plus new sections for desk calendars, hardcover & paperback books and PLAYBOY parodies.
This is the first edition to contain paid advertsing from stores & dealers other than Mr. Bramble.
Slightly used copy has a vertical stress line along spine from cover being opened, a few other stresses and a bump on the bottom right corner [VG/VG+ @ $25.00] (View it!)

6th Edition (1984) - Red cover, nearly 400 pgs, squarebound w/ glued spine - This was the last edition of these guides by Mr. Bramble. Pricing information extended thru 1983.
NEW, bright, glossy, unread copies w/ minor corner bumps or stresses from being repeatedly moved for almost 40 years [VG++/FINE @ $25.00] (View it!)

THE PLAYBOY MAGAZINE PRICE GUIDE AND CHECK LIST from the PCA - Playboy Collector's Association. Published by Tom Bonner.
With the cessation of the Bramble Price Guides there was a great need to fill the void and 10 years later these appeared under the direction of Tom Bonner.
Although not as ambitious or professionally well done as the Bamble guides these editions contain a great deal of information not found in previous publications. This includes miniature photos of the magazine covers and Centerfolds, lists of the Centerfolds, Covergirls, Interviews, Playmates of the Year and all issues containing artwork by Alberto Vargas.
These are digest size - 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" tall - booklets with laminated covers and have stapled spines. All were produced in extremely limited quantities.

1st Edition (1994) - Marilyn Monroe 'Golden Dreams' cover photo, 48 pgs.
Second printing with PCA logo and year (1994) in upper right corner. [NEW, unread copy @ $25.00] (View it!)

5th Edition (2000) - Vargas girl cover, 56 pgs. Includes new listings for where the rabbit is hidden on the cover, the '20 Questions' feature and which issues contained the tear-out 'Bar Guides' and advertising cards that were counted as pages.
Extremely bright & glossy - [NEW, unread copy @ $15.00] (View it!)

In addition to the Price Guides listed Tom Bonner also produced a series of News Letters on an irregular basis spanning the years 1987 - 1997. Each one covered a variety of items and topics of interest to PLAYBOY collectors. Much of this information was contributed by a number of the most active and knowledgeable collectors of the time.
The first 10 News Letters were basically home-made on a Xerox machine, they are 16 pgs in length #7 & 8 are 20 pgs) and each has a different color cover. All copies are NEW, but that DOES NOT mean MINT! - most have very minor spine stresses from the folding and stapling process. The issues from volume 2 are more professionally done and each runs 24 pgs.
Since these are all undated the dates listed are approximate

#3 (1989) - Highlights include Morganna baseball cards, 'The Best From Playboy' series, appointment calendars, Playmate perfume, cartoon paperbacks, the book of backgammon. [$15.00] (View it!)

#4 (1990) - Highlights include Femlin statues, the Playboy liquor caddy, matchbooks from the Playboy clubs, Playmaid (Granny) playing cards, Little Annie Fannie, Playblocks puzzles.[$15.00] (View it!)

#9 (1993) - Highlights include Playboy record albums, Playboy 'Flats', Playboy garters, a Playboy crossword puzzle, Playboy videos, Playboy money clip. [$10.00](View it!)

Volume 2 #4 (1995) - Highlights include the 1970s issue miniature chopping block, rabbit head cake pan, list of Playboy clubs, hotels & casinos w/ opening dates, a feature on the first Black Playboy club bunny, London casino chips, Playboy cigarette lighters. [$10.00] (View it!)

Volume 2 #5 (1996) - Highlights include Playboy golf balls, 'The Girls of Playboy' series, the Playboy commemorative beer can, Playboy greeting cards, Playboy Braille editions, Playboy trading card update. [$10.00] (View it!)

* * * * *


PLAYBORE (Fall 1983) Barbi Benton FC
[F+,VF- @ $15.00]
[FINE @ $10.00]

[VF,NM @ $15.00]
[VG+ @ $7.50]
[VG @ $5.00]

[F+,VF- @ $20.00]
[FINE- @ $15.00]
[VG+ @ $10.00]
[VG @ $7.50]
[GOOD @ $5.00]

PLOWBOY (1957, Bannister Pub. Co.) (View a representative copy)
[VG @ $25.00]
[Inked edge, GOOD+ @ $20.00]
[GOOD @ $15.00]

[VG+ @ $20.00]
[VG @ $15.00]

* * * * *



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