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PLAYBOY 'Select' Collectible Phone Cards

PLAYBOY 'Collector Portfolio' Phone Cards

Each portfolio folds out to a stunning 12" x 8" spread, contains two Cards and provides interesting details about the Playmate featured
and the history of the magazine edition in which she appeared. Each card is uniquely numbered (1 to 20,000) on the back. These are NEW, untouched, sealed in plastic.

Promo 1 - 1998 from National Access. Purple plastic, no units on front, stamped 'Promo #1' in upper right corner on back. [40.00] (View Front!) (View Back!)

Special Promo Package - original promo material from National Access to promote the Playboy Select Phone cards.

Package includes 2 Flyers/Order Forms, 1 Large (Prox 6" x 8") counter display/standup, 2 Small (Prox. 3" x 4") counter displays/standups
and 2 4" x 6" Rabbit head window Decals. Set of 7 pieces in NEW condition @ 20.00
(View it!)

Blister Packs - Issued in 1998 by National Access LLC - Never released?

$10 Karen McDougal (12/97) [10.00](View Front!) (View Back!)



Issued in 1994 featuring the phone booth FC from the Playboy issue of 10/93. There were 3 types of cards issued.

Chromium (25, 50 & 100 unit cards)
Hologram (50 & 100 unit cards)
Plastic (25 units)

First issues were limited to 5,000 individually numbered cards and the number on each card matches the numbered envelope in which they come. (View Flyer!)

Cards pictured are representative samples. In the case of numbered cards the actual number(s) you receive may be different than the ones shown.
All cards come in a decorative window envelope that shows the card. The back of each envelope is sealed with a silver sticker bearing an embossed
telephone with a tiny rabbit head in the middle. There is also a small window on the back exposing the card number.
Cards may no longer be used for calling - time has expired.

In conjunction with the Beauty & Technology series 2 other cards were issued in the plastic, 25 unit format.
They are the Lady Luck Las Vegas card featuring Corinna Harney and the Stepping Out card featuring Brandi Brandt.

Individual Cards Beauty & Technology Set

Stepping Out - Plastic, 25 unit card. First issue limited to 5,000 individually numbered cards. No Printing on Front [15.00] (View it!)

Set of 5 First Issue cards - 3 Chromium B&T (25, 50 & 100 units) + 25 unit Plastic B&T + 25 unit Stepping Out - ALL WITH MATCHING NUMBERS! Set of 5 [75.00] (View it!)

Lady Luck Las Vegas - Inaugural Series limited to 5,000 individually numbered cards. Plastic 10 Unit card [15.00] (View it!)


Issued in 1994, with nudity. Set of 6 individually numbered & packaged cards (same as B&T set above), 10 units each. Limited edition of 4,999 sets.
Featuring Playmates Erika Eleniak (7/89), Cady Cantrell (4/92), the Van Breeschooten Twins (9/89), Becky DelosSantos (4/94), Barbara Moore (12/92) & Tylyn John (3/92)

Set of 6 cards, #598 in black envelope with flyer. [150.00] (View 1) (View 2) (View 3) (View 4) (View Envelope) (View Flyer) (View Flyer Open)

Promo/Sample cards - 4 of the 6 listed (no Barbara Moore or Becky DelosSantos), no packaging, no number on back of card. Your choice @ $20.00 each or all 4 for $65.00 (View Front!) (View Back!)


Playboy Holiday Series 1994 - from Peoples Telephone Co. Set of 3 cards, 10 units each, nude Jenny McCarthy with Santa. Limited Edition of 4,999 sets.

Promo/Sample cards - set of 3, no packaging, no number on back of card. Set of 3 @ 50.00 (View Front!) (View Back!)


Sent to customers who placed orders from the Playboy Products Catalog. Pam Anderson - 22 units (= 22 minutes)

Card only, no packaging, used [10.00] (View it!)

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